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About This Project

The idea behind the “Neboo” project was to create a device that would facilitate nebulisation for children and parents.
Thanks to the mold with soft liniachi shapes I managed to create a product child friendly. The shape of the nebulizer is
somewhat similar to a fairy-tale character.


To tamper your baby with a nebulizer, during the first contact, on the screen right after switching on a smiley face will be
This will make the interaction between the child and nebulizer quicker. It will distract his attention from the
surgery, arouse interest and calm down.


To help the child withstand the whole operation, I designed a biofeedback game. It consists in the fact that the child
controls the form of inhalation and exhalation.
Characters I designed so as to suggest to the child when to inhale and when to exhale.



product design
kids, medical, nebulizer